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Subisiso’s mother, Ethulo, fled from Nigeria, cursed by her tribe, because she was one of the rare African albino. The people of her tribe were afraid of her skin so white and her eyes so blue, and also because she showed magical ability since the childhood. She was helped to reach South Africa, by her older brother Chukwuemeka, who had had already arranged the wedding with Ibubesi, a “Zulu” warrior, who immediately fell in love with the girl the first time they met, captured by the beauty of that strange creature. It was whispered that Ethulo induced the unaware Ibubesi to drink a “Muthi” also she performed an incantation, in order to control his will, confirming that she was a “Sangoma” a powerful healer. It was told that she performed an enchantment to became pregnant because the couple’s son, Sibusiso, born with the skin black like charcoal and the eyes blue like the deep sea. Ibubesi was a skilled, tall warrior, the strongest of the Zulu tribe. He was so proud of his wife and his son, his small family meaning everything to him, and he was wishing to follow the tradition and grown Sibusiso as a warrior, like himself and his ancestors. But Ethulo was of different opinion, that she kept hidden in her heart until her kid was six, when she made Sibusiso to swear secrecy and started the training to become “Sangoma” of a special kind: a “Mchungaji”, a necromancer.

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The adventures of two betrayed and abused girls, which finally meet the man of their lives while part of the crew of a cruise ship. Intense and eternal love is promised and compromised by secrets and disclaimers, where anti-terrorism and dark web units combat in the after COVID 19. For the first time you will find a credible hypothesis of the birth and dissemination of the virus that will cause a world pandemic, taking mass forced vaccination in a next future full of hopes and new threats. Roy Cruise is the pseudonym of the author who, still today, is in service as an undercover agent, member of a special anti-terrorist group that operates on cruise ships to prevent and protect passengers. Roy is a Captain, and has been working for very long time at sea, just twenty years on passenger ships, and tells us terrible truths by analyzing human soul and behavior, revealing secrets and mysteries unknown to most. His books are inspired by the events experienced on his own skin and, despite being the fruit of his imagination, do not exclude situations and facts that really happened, as well as the characters described. The book “Susana” is the first in the X-G series, then continued by “On the edge of the game” which explain the real background of both the intelligence of various countries, and the “gentlemen” of the dark web, up to tell the hidden secrets of the naval industry, in particular the life of the crew on passenger ships full of secrets not accessible to those who are not employees. Surely your curiosity will be satisfied in this narrative masterpiece that will be followed by the third book “Abyss of rage”. Due to the arguments of Roy Cruise books they are intended for adults only (+18). After the COVID 19 pandemic, the United Nations implemented worldwide, for all the citizens independently of the Nation they were belonging, the forced vaccination against the virus. A special plastic badge, similar to a bank credit card, was given to every one of the vaccinated. Two microchips, made in electronic film, were on top of the card, one of these was removable and to be stick on the first page of the passport, this was in order to speed controls by the security when a person has to access sportive events in a stadium, or go to a disco club, a restaurant or a theater, and to get trains, airplanes or ships where the border customs need easy access to all the information required by the law, just using a smartphone. Welcome to the future.