Sibusiso – Roy Cruise –

Subisiso’s mother, Ethulo, fled from Nigeria, cursed by her tribe, because she was one of the rare African albino. The people of her tribe were afraid of her skin so white and her eyes so blue, and also because she showed magical ability since the childhood. She was helped to reach South Africa, by her older brother Chukwuemeka, who had had already arranged the wedding with Ibubesi, a “Zulu” warrior, who immediately fell in love with the girl the first time they met, captured by the beauty of that strange creature. It was whispered that Ethulo induced the unaware Ibubesi to drink a “Muthi” also she performed an incantation, in order to control his will, confirming that she was a “Sangoma” a powerful healer. It was told that she performed an enchantment to became pregnant because the couple’s son, Sibusiso, born with the skin black like charcoal and the eyes blue like the deep sea. Ibubesi was a skilled, tall warrior, the strongest of the Zulu tribe. He was so proud of his wife and his son, his small family meaning everything to him, and he was wishing to follow the tradition and grown Sibusiso as a warrior, like himself and his ancestors. But Ethulo was of different opinion, that she kept hidden in her heart until her kid was six, when she made Sibusiso to swear secrecy and started the training to become “Sangoma” of a special kind: a “Mchungaji”, a necromancer.


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