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Bravo! Soffritto

Maurizio Russo is excelling in Italian Traditional Cooking; he ran restaurants and has a popular blog: http://www.aldentekitchen.com His way to craft foods is simple and true: this is what Italians eat at home. When you follow his recipes you can experience the genuinely of the original Italian dishes, made with humble ingredients, mastering the skills that belongs to old Italian fashion. Maurizio’s books are manuals of cooking using ancient techniques that step-by-step bring you to know the secrets and to new dimension of the taste of the ingredients of his kitchen. “Soffritto” is the basic to prepare all Italian dishes: impress your friends with it!I participated to Maurizio’s books because I love his “Cucina Italiana!”Sincerely, Roy Cruise. (author of: Surfing / Susana/ On the edge of the game / Abyss of rage / Subusiso / Sunflower eyes).